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5 Early Signs That You’re in the Right Relationship



5 Early Signs That You're in the Right Relationship

Some say “When you know, you know,” yet you may seek additional proof that this is genuine. So, how can you know whether you’re in a relationship that’s entirely worth preserving? Here are nine signs that you’ve discovered the ideal partnership.

You feel totally at ease

You want to put your best foot forward at the start of any relationship. So you clean your flat, you take great care to ensure that every morsel of food ends up in your mouth (rather than on your lap), and you always strive to appear really polished — hair, makeup, gorgeous new dress, you know the drill. But when you finally feel comfortable being 100% you around your partner (the you that only a few others have seen, like mom, your college flatmate, and the mirror), you realise this may be it. Going to bed without makeup or not being humiliated that you inadvertently spilt a drink of red all over his/her brown couch… are some subtle indicators that he/she is interested.

You completely trust your partner

We’ve all been in relationships when we have no idea how our spouse is feeling, thinking, or acting. And not knowing leads to spying – reading your significant other’s texts, emails, Facebook messages, and so on. That may not seem like a red flag, but having to keep things on the DL is never a good thing in any relationship. If you don’t feel the need to search through his/her belongings, it signifies you and your relationship have developed a level of trust that demonstrates how much your partner cares. You may be confident that he or she would never harm you, and vice versa. That profound knowledge will help you persevere through the good times.

You can have fun together no matter what

You and your spouse are having a great time, whether you’re stranded at the airport with a six-hour delay or learning to surf in Costa Rica. That is enormous. It’s easy to appreciate huge gestures and once-in-a-lifetime occurrences, but what happens in between? It’s just as significant. If you can’t make each other laugh or find something to chat about no matter what’s going on around you, your relationship’s foundation is shaky. The capacity to make the most of the commonplace is what creates the strongest ties.

You’re different people, and that’s okay

While you certainly want to have some interests with your spouse, such as musical tastes or love of unusual foods, you don’t want to be too similar. Two alpha dogs don’t make a good couple, but neither do two extremely indecisive people. So, when you realise that your commonalities are what bring you together, but your differences are what make you strong, you’ll realise you’re at a really good place with your SO. Just make sure your fundamental life values (such as your views on money, the importance of religion, or your desire to have children) are in sync.

You’re able to keep the past in the past

Sure, you want to know everything about her ex or how many women he slept with before meeting you. That is very natural. But after you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’s time to move on. Because, while remembering the past can be entertaining and educational, it should not govern your present. The ability to live in the now is essential for a happy partnership. Don’t bring up previous battles. Contrast yourself with ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends. Connect in the present moment so you may truly experience everything your spouse has to offer. The ability to appreciate and then let go of the past is the foundation of the finest relationships.

Your friends and family are fans

It’s a good omen if your mother approves. What if your sister is a fan? That’s even better. But if your best buddy, who knows all there is to know about you, adores your lover… it’s pretty much a done deal. So listen to what your loved ones have to say regarding your connection! You don’t need their approval, but if everyone else agrees that you form a terrific team and are madly in love, it may simply signify that you’re made for each other.

You don’t feel the need to play mind games anymore

The pursuit was exciting when you first started dating. It was exciting to attempt to figure out who the other person was and what they were thinking. However, after you’ve determined that there are genuine, honest sentiments there, you realise that you don’t require that level of excitement in your life any longer. You’re at ease knowing you’ve discovered someone with whom you actually connect on a deeper level. Furthermore, once you’re in the correct connection, you may go to various types of games.

You know what your partner needs to feel loved

When your lover rubs your feet while you’re watching TV, you may feel appreciated. However, bringing your lover a cup of coffee in the morning may make him or her feel cherished; everyone has different tastes when it comes to offering and receiving love. You know you’re with the perfect person when they can tell you what makes them feel loved and are eager to learn what works for you. That communication and understanding of each other’s various needs lay the groundwork for a strong partnership.

You comfortably imagine what’s next

Do you and your partner discuss the future as if it were unimportant? That is a strong indication that you are in an appropriate long-term relationship. You two understand how fortunate you are to have discovered someone who loves you and shares your ideals and outlook on life. You don’t need a ring on your finger to know how much your SO loves you, and that doesn’t terrify you. When you don’t want to be apart from your lover and can’t wait to spend more time with them, you’ll know.


I introduced her to fraud but she scammed me and married my Canadian-based friend




I introduced her to fraud but she scammed me and married my Canadian-based friend

I used to do fraud. Someone introduced it to my buddy, who then introduced it to me. The game has different stages. We were at the bottom of the game’s ladder, so we didn’t make much money, but the risk involved was excellent. Aside from the danger, you must labour every day in order to earn GHC500 every week.

We slept very little because our clients were all over the world, and because of the time difference, we had to stay awake in order to communicate with them. I had a major hit one day. I received GHC7,000 from a bargain and immediately purchased an iPhone for my girlfriend, Cynthia. She was aware that I was involved in fraud, yet she was uninterested. She became interested in the business when I gave her the iPhone and told her how I obtained it.

So when I had a customer who claimed to be a girl, Cynthia was the one who spoke to them. She was the one who set up the video calls. We were still struggling. We halted operations since the money was not flowing as promised.

Life was difficult for two jobless lovers. I couldn’t help her. I couldn’t help myself, so we relied on the generosity of friends who were succeeding in the game.

Ernest, a buddy of mine from Canada, came over one day, and we were all hanging around. Cynthia later informed me, “Your friend likes me.” He was licking his lips and staring at me in some way. Let’s go get some money from him. Tell him I’m not your girlfriend. Allow him to take me so we may obtain money from him.”

Ernest was formerly a player in the game. He went outdoors after getting money. I warned Cynthia Ernest that she might catch the hint, but she was so enthusiastic about collecting money that we gave it a shot. “Don’t let him sleep with you,” was the lone caution. Never.”

She brought me GHC 500 a week later. “He gave me 1,000 GHC.” “That’s your cut,” she explained.

Ernest was hiding the affair because he was afraid I would be upset if I found out he was seeing my sister. He was even concealing it from the team, but we were aware of what was going on.

He was here for a month, and we earned a lot of money.

He was still sending money after he left. Cynthia gave me my portion. I got a job and advised her not to see Ernest anymore. She didn’t give up. It escalated into a brawl, in which I threatened to let the cat out of the bag. “If you try it, you’ll go to jail,” she said. You know I’m familiar with all of your previous transactions. How much money can you offer me to get me to quit seeing Ernest?”

Cynthia is currently in Canada with Ernest, where they are having the time of their life. I tear up when I see their images. When I see these videos on Instagram, I want to kick them in the video.

Ernest finally understands reality. Cynthia, I believe, informed him in a way that she wouldn’t be held responsible, saying something like, “He gave me to you so we could get money from you, but I fell for you because you’re a good person.” That sort of thing.

I must confess, they had the final laugh. Cynthia informed me the last time I spoke with her, “If you stop being bitter, I will send you something small every month.” You don’t have to hate me since I don’t hate you.”

I bowed my head and kicked the bitterness out of my heart because money is money.

That girl is the only honest scammer there is. She maintained her promise. She occasionally sends me money. She’s gradually rebuilding the bridge between me and my old friend Ernest. She duped me, but I can’t really complain. I still have feelings for her but in a different manner. I adore her as someone who looks after me.

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I adore my husband, but I also love my boss




I adore my husband, but I also love my boss

My spouse is fantastic. He’s a wonderful father to our children, and I adore him.

Everything went well till I saw my Boss for the first time lately. I had just recently begun working at my new workplace, therefore, I had never met the Boss in person. He was smitten with me from the moment he saw me. He knows I’m married and is fine with it.

He treats me like a lady and pays all of my bills. He pays for stuff I don’t even realise I need. I enjoy spending time with him. He makes me feel incredibly protected, and with him, the world may disappear for all I care.

He is not married and, in his own words, is eager to “be here” for me.

We are yet to have shuperu, but he kissed me last night before we split ways, and I’ve been craving his kiss all day. Not only have I been thinking about his kiss, but also about what it would be like to lay in bed with him and yield to his wishes.

I tell him how much it pains me to do this to my husband, and he says, “Don’t worry. Everything will be well. He can’t be harmed by what he doesn’t know.”

He has a knack of getting under my skin emotionally. Only my husband has been able to reach me in the same manner that my employer has, and it makes me want to keep him—keep him and keep my husband.

My spouse just refers to him as my Boss. If he finds out, he would undoubtedly break down and break up with me, therefore I’ve learnt not to leave any evidence. I’m in a state of confusion right now. Confused because my husband needs to hurt me or treat me horribly in order for me to fall in love with someone else, but in this situation, everything is perfect between us, but I still long for someone new.

I desperately need my job, therefore I don’t want to offend my employer. This is the only job I’ve ever had that pays above and above my expectations. I simply cannot afford to lose it. Aside from that, I want my employer and I need my husband. I wish there was a way for the two to coexist.

The gravity of the situation is that, since meeting my employer, shuperu with my spouse has become a responsibility for me. I make myself available to him, but I don’t feel anything. It’s similar to the fable of the brook and the stone. What effect may the stream have on the stone? Nothing. He’s doing it, and I’m thinking about my employer. I am aware that I require assistance.

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Woman sues boyfriend for abandoning her after funding his extravagant lifestyle




Woman sues boyfriend for abandoning her after funding his extravagant lifestyle

A heartbroken lady has hauled her lover, Hassan Umar, to a Kano magistrates’ court for having dumped her after spending N900,000 on him.

In court, the woman’s counsel said that the defendant claimed he was in love with his client and that they had agreed to marry.

However, after spending the money on him, Umar abandoned her and stopped seeing her.

The defendant, on the other hand, pled not guilty to the accusations, explaining that it was merely a relationship that did not survive the test of time.

Following the reading of the charges, the Magistrate requested that both sides produce their witnesses for the next postponed session.

Addressing journalists after the court sitting, the woman said:

“I doubt he didn’t charm me. Whatever he asked me I did it instantly. I cooked different types of food for him, including chicken, meat, and even two rams.

“I spent over N900,000 on him. But from there, he started showing me as if he didn’t care. Later he stopped coming to me.”

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