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Anne-Sophie Ave: Changing The Face Of Diplomacy Through The Power Of Personal Branding



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Think of Microsoft and the name Bill Gates immediately comes to mind; Virgin and Richard Branson comes to mind or Apple and Steve Jobs comes to mind.

These leaders have utilized the power of their personal brand to generate love for their organizational brand.

One personality who is utilizing the power of her personal brand to change the face of diplomacy in Ghana is the French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne-Sophie (Akosua) Avé.


It is said that great brands require great leaders.

Think of Microsoft and the name Bill Gates immediately comes to mind; Virgin and Richard Branson comes to mind or Apple and Steve Jobs comes to mind.

These leaders have utilized the power of their personal brand to generate love for their organizational brand.

One personality who is utilizing the power of her personal brand to change the face of diplomacy in Ghana is the French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne-Sophie (Akosua) Avé.

Whilst a country may not be a product like a mobile phone or a television set, there is still no doubt that some branding principles can help diplomats in positioning themselves to win the hearts and minds of their target audiences.

And that is exactly what Anne Sophie Avé has done.

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In this article, I will share with you 4 of such branding principles that in my opinion have catapulted her into becoming the Queen of People’s Hearts in such a relatively short period of time.


Authenticity is one of the biggest assets of any brand.

Consumers are attracted to brands that are genuine, credible, honest and true to themselves.

No matter where one comes from, humans are naturally drawn to people who care and have the right intentions to help others.

Anne Sophie Avé has stood out as an exemplary Ambassador by being herself; by being HUMAN.

Her genuine love for people and her compassion shines through every interaction she has, making her a great humanitarian. Her ability to empathize has endeared her to the hearts of many.

She is friendly, approachable and down to earth. This has helped her to cultivate meaningful and memorable relationships with different audiences generating positive stories about herself and the country she represents.

No doubt she has become the “queen of people’s hearts.”


Great brands do not just focus on their products.

They focus on their target consumers, immersing themselves in their consumers’ lives, getting to understand their motivations, their desires, their behaviours and their aspirations.

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By getting into the minds and hearts of their consumers they start to think and act like their consumers.

Consumers get to see themselves in the brand and they are able to lead these consumers to buy into their brand and products.

What Anne Sophie Avé did strategically throughout her term in Ghana was to immerse herself into the lives of her Ghanaian target audience; to think, feel and act like a Ghanaian.

From taking up a Ghanaian name Akosua, to buying foodstuffs at the local market, queuing to buy waakye at the popular waakye joint, traversing parts of the country with her ‘Meet and Connect’ initiative to connect with her target audiences, jamming to Ghanaian music, dressing up in Ghanaian regalia, co-scripting and playing a role in a local TV series to showing her unflinching support for the Ghana Black Stars during the 2022 World Cup qualification.

She has come to be seen as a Ghanaian at heart. It is thus not surprising that she was enstooled as the Nkosuahemaa (Development Queen) of the town, under the stool name “Nana Benneh III” as well as queen mother for her developmental works in the Osu community and Ghana under the name Naa Narley Owaa Oman I.

By integrating into the lives of her Ghanaian audience and gaining acceptance, she has creatively led her Ghanaian target audiences to warmly embrace her “organizational brand” FRANCE and all it stands for.

Great positioning strategy I must say.


Great brands leverage relevant and quality content to engage their customers, building credibility and enhancing visibility.

Anne Sophie Ave has done remarkably well in this regard; creating and hosting an innovative TV show, the first by an Ambassador, “Touch of France” which was adjudged the “TV show of the year” at Ghana Media and Entrepreneurship awards ceremony.

The programme unveils the collaborations of France with Ghana in relation to the theme of the week ranging from football, health, fashion to gastronomy, business, music or holidays, literature, cars, SDGs, heritage, diplomacy, languages or dance.

The program gained popularity due to the choice of addressing subjects with invited Ghanaian celebrity guests who share both their views on the theme of the episode and their experience of France and the French language.

Some of the Ghanaian personalities who have appeared on the show include Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Bisa Kdei, Becca, Bola Ray, Anita Erskine, Marcel Desailly and Abedi Pele, Juliet Ibrahim, among others.

Coupled with her strong online presence (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) where she shares exciting content of activities she engages in: from meeting with celebrities and her fans, speaking engagements to visit of tourist attractions.

Her engagement strategy has been spot on. 


Great brands no longer sell just products; they sell experiences that endears them to the heart of their target consumers through impactful brand activations. 

Anne Sophie Ave has been deliberately collaborative; collaborating with Ghanaian personalities who matter in the Arts and Entertainment industry from musicians to actors/actresses to bloggers during her term as Ambassador.

Her immense involvement in the promotion of Ghanaian Arts, Tourism and Culture both locally and internationally is remarkable.

Her strong belief in selling unique brand experiences through brand activations gave birth to the highly successful Paris in Accra and Accra in Paris concerts, providing a platform for France-based artists such as Passi and Orti to collaborate and perform with Ghanaian artists such as Sarkodie,, Stonebwoy, Becca, Kwabena Kwabena, Gasmilla and Fameye.

Following from the success of these 2 events, it is not surprising that she has received high praise from many Ghanaians.

Just to recap a few of them on Twitter:

Sammy Anim Addo says: “She (Anne Sophie Ave) is a Game Changer. She has changed the face of Diplomacy in Ghana. She associates with the people as much as she can: market women, street kids, vendors and to the Arts & Creative industry, she is the star. To me she deserves a National Honour”.

Another Twitter follower says “A Ghanaian not by colour. Greatest Ambassador to Ghana ever.”

“This woman deserves to be celebrated. Great work contributing to put Ghana on the map.”

“We have to build a statue for this woman. She’s incredible.”

In a little over 3 years, Anne Sophie Ave has been able to connect people’s hearts and minds to her personal brand and ultimately to her “organizational brand” FRANCE.

Through her authentic brand personality, her unique brand positioning, relevant content marketing and the use of impactful and experiential brand activations, she has warmed herself into the hearts of many and has certainly lived up to be the “Queen of People’s Hearts”.

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Nana Tonardo is still my friend; disregard the rumours – Mzbel




Nana Tonardo is still my friend; disregard the rumours - Mzbel

Mzbel has denied rumours that her friendship with socialite Nana Tornado has soured.

It has been reported that the friendship between Mzbel and Nana Tornado has soured. Although the exact cause was unknown, Nana Tornado was said to have fired shots at one of his posts to Mzbel.

Mzbel, on the other hand, debunked the perception and rumours that her friendship with Nana Tornado has soured in a Facebook live.

These rumours began to circulate after Mzbel stated in an interview two months ago that she did not have genuine friends.

Mzbel 1 jpg
Nana Tonardo is still my friend; disregard the rumours – Mzbel

“Every love I have ever experienced in my life with people, I have paid for it. Physical cash. No one has become friends, taken me as a mother or sister with me, and hasn’t taken money from me for being my friend,” these were Mzbel’s in a viral interview back in January 2023.

Reacting to the rumours based on his Interview,

“The interview I granted and stated that I pay for friends to be part of my life was never about Tonardo. I beg you, it has nothing to do with Tonardo. To all those who picked my statement and specified Tonardo as my target, it was never true. Do not take me out of context and treat it as facts.“

I am so proud of Nana Tonardo for not reacting or coming out to attack me…when two people come together as friends, enemies sit to plan their breakup. They pray for your downfall…I will urge friends not to flaunt their beautiful relationship on social media because of negative eyes…these people are quick to create confusion among friends…Tonardo remains my friend,” she disclosed on Tuesday.


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Ernest Opoku boasts about being given a BJ on a VIP bus




Ernest Opoku boasts about being given a BJ on a VIP bus

Ernest Opoku, a gospel musician, has come out to brag about receiving a BJ on a VIP bus while travelling to Accra a few years ago.

Ernes Opoku has been in the news a few times for being controversial, and his recent approach has won him fans and admirers.

The gospel singer recently revealed that his house used to be the headquarters of drug lords, but he never used any of the drugs. He admitted to having a connection with some drug dealers, who would sometimes hide their drugs in his house and return for them later, but he was never influenced to use drugs.

Ernest Opoku jpg
Ernest Opoku boasts about being given a BJ on a VIP bus

He revealed in a recent interview with Tony Best on Akoma FM’s Entertainment 360 that he once received a BJ from an unknown lady on a VIP bus on his way to Accra.

“From Kumasi to Accra, I sat in a VIP bus at night, and a woman I didn’t recognise from anywhere sat down next to me,” he explained. After a while, she began to nod off and lean on me, so I politely asked her to switch positions. As a result, she leaned against the glass.

“I put in my earphone and listened to Elder Mireku’s music for a while before drifting off to sleep. I awoke from my slumber when I felt a shift in the air, and when I looked up, I saw that the woman in question had my p£nis in her mouth, to which I yelled, “Jesus!”.

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Don’t waste your time voting for him – Bulldog attacks Mark Okraku-Mantey’s parliamentary bid




Don't waste your time voting for him - Bulldog attacks Mark Okraku-Mantey's parliamentary bid

Bulldog, the artist manager, has criticised Mark Okraku Mantey’s bid to become a member of parliament in 2024, claiming that he discourages constituents from voting for him.

Mark Okuraku-Mantey, the Deputy Minister for Tourism and Creative Arts, has announced his intention to run for the Ayensuano parliamentary seat in the Eastern Region on the New Patriotic Party ticket (NPP).

Bulldog, on the other hand, believes that Mark Okuraku Mantey does not deserve to be a member of parliament, claiming that he has not done enough to earn the support of his constituents.

“Some of his constituencies should not waste their time voting for him because he will not bring any change. Let me state it here clearly, and I know he will see it. Sitting here, I respect Mark as a person 100%, but when it comes to governance, I won’t even give him zero points minus, he won’t even get it,” he said.

Bulldog has advised Mark Okraku not to run for office, claiming that he lacks the necessary skills and experience to be an effective leader.

“Just being there, and looking at the contribution he made, I don’t even need to sit here and talk about Mark’s achievements, too many things he didn’t do. He has been in government, what has he done?

“When you criticize him, he will frown and respond by asking why you said anything about him. What is he going to do there? He has tasted governance for four years. What did he do?” he added.

“Someone like him, what is he going to tell his constituency? Also, he is lucky that it’s his constituency that he is going to because someone like him can never be president,” he shared.


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