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He’s Asking For A Divorce Yet Goes Around Telling Everyone That I’m The One Seeking A Divorce



black couple having discussion home relationship crisis

“Marry me.” 

That’s how he proposed. It wasn’t a question. It sounded like a command—a command I was willing to freely follow. Our love was new so everything he did please me. He was the man I wanted to marry. But instead of giving him a straight answer, I decided to mess with him a little bit. “Answer this first,” I said. “On a scale of one to ten, how much do you love me?” His gruff voice answered, “My love for you cannot fit onto a scale.” I giggled at his response, “Smart answer!” “Now are you going to say yes to my proposal?” My man demanded. I laughed at his impatience; “Patience my dear, you know you are the only man for me. Of course, I will marry you.” At this, his face broke out into a wide smile as he scooped me up into his arms and claimed my lips in a searing kiss. At that moment I thought; “If our love remains this strong, we will indeed live happily ever after.”

 Robert and I had been together for quite some time. He always had a gruff approach to life. This made him appear to many people as rude. But the people who are close to him understand that he is just a no-nonsense person. He tells things as they are and he gets upset when he doesn’t get his way. I was convinced that I had figured him out. I knew what made him tick and what made him melt. I had faith that our love would make our marriage a peaceful one. 

Not too long after his proposal, we got married. That day was one of the happiest days of my life. Everything was beautiful. I smiled so much my cheeks hurt. Today, when I look at our wedding photos, I ask myself questions, questions like, “What happened?” “Where did the love and happiness go?”

I cannot pinpoint exactly when things took a sour turn but I can think of all the signs I missed along the way. 

Before we got married I was running my own business. It was doing well and I had my own money. I wasn’t rich but I could take care of my needs without external support. And for me, that was a success. On our honeymoon, my husband casually asked me to stop working and be a housewife. My reaction was, “Where is this coming from? It wasn’t an issue before we got married? Why is it an issue now?” He replied, “Well, then let’s discuss it now. Before we got married, you had to work to survive. Now you have a husband, and it is my job to provide for you financially. So I’m asking you to allow me to do that. Allow me to be your husband.” I shook my head and said, “I won’t do that. I would like to be a wife who works to support her husband.”

Robert was relentless. He wanted me to concede by all means. “What are you going to do when we start having kids?” He asked me. “Who will take care of them while you’re busy running a business? I will give you time to think about it but I believe it’s the right thing to do.” 

He said he was going to give me time to think about it but he didn’t. Instead, he put a lot of pressure on me. He started nicely at first but he became hostile when I kept saying no. The peace in my marriage was threatened at its budding stage. I didn’t want us constantly fighting so I agreed to be a housewife. When we finally moved in together, my husband playfully said, “Sell your electrical gadgets to me.” I was confused. “We are living together now. What’s mine is yours so why do you want to buy my possessions?” His response was, “I want to buy them from you so that the day you leave, you will carry nothing from this house.”

“Ah, what is he saying?” 

Our marriage was not even a month old yet my husband was planning our divorce. I refused to sell my possessions to him but he didn’t let them rest. He is a man who insists on always having his way. This time, I wasn’t ready to budge. I stood my ground. “Dear Robert, I’m not selling them to you. We are one and one for all. What’s mine is automatically yours. You don’t need money to buy from me. You only have to take from me.” 

That was when the first crack in our marriage appeared.

As time went on, he started cheating on me. When I confront him, he turned around and accuse me of cheating. This happened when I was pregnant with our first child. I had seen evidence on his phone that he had a mistress. I asked him about it and he denied it. Then he said, “The only reason you are suspecting me of cheating is that you are the one cheating on me.” That day he took my phone and went through every chat, asking me questions. He continued reading my chats even after I went to sleep. I was heavily pregnant but this man woke me up in the middle of the night and showed me a chat and asked, “Are you sure you’re not sleeping with this person?” 

I got offended. I did not want to dignify his question with an answer so I kept quiet and tried to go back to sleep. He tapped me continuously and said, “You won’t mind me? How dare you ignore me when I’m talking to you?” Get down here. For your punishment, you’ll have to sleep on the floor.” I moved and slept on the floor without a protest. When he saw that I had fallen asleep, he woke me up again; “Go back to the bed. I will rather sleep on the floor.” 

I felt frustrated but I went back to bed. He did this to me throughout the rest of the pregnancy and even through my next pregnancy. 

There was a time he sacked me out of our room and brought in another woman. I had to go live in our uncompleted house with our two kids. There was no electricity, toilet, or bathroom. I used up whatever money I had saved from my business to complete it. My girls and I lived there until my husband got tired of his other woman and came home to us. After the building, I had no money left for myself. My husband only gave me just enough to cover food. I had to push money around before I am even able to afford sanitary pads. When I ask him to give me money for other things, he would make me feel like a burden and then ask for a divorce. 

I can’t afford to buy clothes and toys for our kids. One time I tried to get a job and he found out. He threatened to divorce me if I report to work. That’s how my marriage has been. He expects me to do his bidding. He wants me to be at his beck and call without protest. If I do anything that he hasn’t sanctioned, he would threaten me with a divorce. 

I try—I try everything possible to hold on to this marriage though it’s not serving me well. I do anything to make him happy. I endure verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and psychological abuse without complaints but he’s never satisfied. He would wake up in the morning, look at my face and say, “I don’t love you anymore. I want a divorce.” I would plead with him to allow us to work on getting back the love we once shared. 

While I plead with him to give us an opportunity to thrive, he would go around fishing for reasons to leave the marriage. Sometimes he would make mountain out of a molehill. Something that shouldn’t be an issue, he would make it a big issue. I would be in our room arranging things and he would walk in and switch off the light. I would have to stumble through the darkness to find my phone and use the torchlight. He behaves like a spoilt child yet I see him as my spoilt child so I bear with him. 

He insisted on divorce until one day I told him, “Great. Let’s do it. I’m sick and tired of everything. It looks like if I don’t accept to leave, you’ll never give me peace. I will leave. Just watch me.” 

He gave me three months to pack out of the house with our children. I am not financially stable and I don’t know how I will survive but I agreed to leave. I was exhausted from all the fighting I’d been doing since we got married. I’ve stopped paying attention to him and I’ve stopped performing my wifely duties. I take care of my kids’ needs and leave him out. I have started looking for accommodation even though I don’t know how I’ll pay for it. 

Now that he has realized that I don’t care about him anymore, he is going around telling people that I’m the one leaving the marriage. Our family and friends have called me to advise me; “Don’t break up your home. Forgive your husband and make things work.” “Where will you go with two children? Don’t walk out from what you can fix.” “There is no perfect man out there. Stay with Robert as he is.” He makes it look like I’m the devil who’s seeking to break the marriage by all means. 

When I confronted him about it he said, “Yes, you are the one breaking up our home. We had a little misunderstanding and you’ve decided to leave.” He sounded very certain to the point where I almost believed him. 

All I want right now is to move far away from him and everyone who knows us. He has turned them against me. I have tried to explain things to anyone I owe an explanation to but no one wants to listen to me. I know Robert will not change if I continue to stay with him. My problem now is the financial aspect of things. I have become so dependent on him that I have nothing for myself. Things will be very difficult for me and the kids if I insist on leaving. Because of this, I am torn between leaving and staying. I feel like I am drowning. Please I need your advice on what next to do. 

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I slept with 300 people in a year – detractors call me ‘disgusting,’ but I feel powerful




Knight had sex with both men and women, and she told the radio show that she met many of her sex partners using dating apps. She does, however, have a list of "regulars" on fast dial for when she feels like getting down and dirty.

An Australian lady who claims to have had sex with over 300 individuals in one year described the experience as “empowering.”

Annie Knight, 26, said on “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” that she even slept with five individuals in a single day during the wild, fun-filled year.

“I felt empowered afterwards,” the adoring Australian said. “Sex makes me happy. Its purpose is to make you feel wonderful.”

Knight had sex with both men and women, and she told the radio show that she met many of her sex partners using dating apps. She does, however, have a list of “regulars” on the fast dial for when she feels like getting down and dirty.

“The messier the sex, the better,” she said.

Knight, called “Australia’s most sexually active woman,” went on to state that nothing is off limits when it comes to experimenting in the bedroom, stating, “I’m down to try anything.”

However, not everyone is thrilled by Knight’s open love of sex, with one detractor calling her “disgusting.”

Knight, who maintains an OnlyFans account, was also sacked from her marketing position when her superiors discovered her lewd online behaviour.

The sex fanatic told “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” that her website has plenty of kinky stuff since she performs “pretty much everything” on video.

Knight recently made news after speaking out about being fired from a separate site.

“I feel empowered afterwards,” the adoring Australian stated. “Sex makes me happy. Its purpose is to make you feel wonderful.”Annie Knight via Instagram

“The last thing I wanted to do was to get fired if someone found my OnlyFans,” she said on “SBS Insight” a few weeks ago.

“There was a list of three reasons why I was fired basically,” Knight explained, adding that she was “very upset and very angry” at her employer’s decision to fire her.

“They said I falsely advised that I had a side business, didn’t ask for permission from the company to run the side business and that I had online pornographic images of myself and crude language that was against company rules,” she went on to say.

Knight, called “Australia’s most sexually active woman,” went on to state that nothing is off limits when it comes to experimenting in the bedroom, stating, “I’m down to try anything.”Annie Knight via Instagram
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Some unusual qualities men want in a woman




Of course, some women are born with the ability to make a terrific first impression with little to no effort, while others must work a little more.

When it comes to women, what does a man want? To a significant extent, the solution is and will continue to be a mystery.

But it hasn’t prevented scientists from trying to solve the mystery of human attraction.

On the one hand, each man has his own tastes. Qualities and features that are desirable to one guy may not be appealing to another.

However, research has discovered that many men have one trait: they prefer to believe their initial impressions. And those early moments have a significant influence on their level of attraction to certain women.

Of course, some women are born with the ability to make a terrific first impression with little to no effort, while others must work a little more.

Here are five characteristics that men find particularly appealing in women, according to a study.

Natural-looking makeup, including eye makeup and lipstick

Some males remark that they prefer women who do not wear makeup because they appear more natural. However, according to a Zoosk poll, 139 of 1,200 women who applied eye makeup in their profile photo were more likely to receive responses from males. Men were also more likely to desire to meet a lady if her profile photo included lipstick.

Women who wear “darker” cosmetics, on the other hand, were less likely to be asked out. Even if men claim they prefer women who appear “natural,” this implies you may wear “natural” cosmetics and still attract guys.

Also, fellas, it’s quite OK to remark that your girl looks great with winged eyeliner and red lipstick.

The ideal waist-to-hip ratio

This choice is based on health and fertility rather than appearance.

“Evidence also shows that waist-to-hip ratio is a strong indicator of a woman’s oestrogen levels, risk of obesity, and susceptibility to major diseases such as diabetes, ovarian cancer, and heart disease,” according to the study.

Dressing in red clothes

The colour red represents passion. It’s no surprise that males find it appealing. In a research conducted by psychologists at the University of Rochester, men were given images of various women with framed borders of either red or white and were asked how attractive they thought the ladies were.

They were then given an identical photo with the ladies dressed in either red or blue and asked how much they would spend on a date with that woman. Women who were framed in red or wore red were more likely to be considered seductive and beautiful, and males were more likely to want to spend money on a date.

A kind attitude

A pleasant demeanour always goes a long way. Researchers from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology discovered that a woman’s responsiveness to men’s needs and desires boosted her attraction to males.

A higher-pitched voice

According to studies, women prefer males with deeper voices. For males, the reverse is usually true, since some feel “[higher] voices signal reproductive fitness, femininity, and smaller body size.”

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I introduced her to fraud but she scammed me and married my Canadian-based friend




I introduced her to fraud but she scammed me and married my Canadian-based friend

I used to do fraud. Someone introduced it to my buddy, who then introduced it to me. The game has different stages. We were at the bottom of the game’s ladder, so we didn’t make much money, but the risk involved was excellent. Aside from the danger, you must labour every day in order to earn GHC500 every week.

We slept very little because our clients were all over the world, and because of the time difference, we had to stay awake in order to communicate with them. I had a major hit one day. I received GHC7,000 from a bargain and immediately purchased an iPhone for my girlfriend, Cynthia. She was aware that I was involved in fraud, yet she was uninterested. She became interested in the business when I gave her the iPhone and told her how I obtained it.

So when I had a customer who claimed to be a girl, Cynthia was the one who spoke to them. She was the one who set up the video calls. We were still struggling. We halted operations since the money was not flowing as promised.

Life was difficult for two jobless lovers. I couldn’t help her. I couldn’t help myself, so we relied on the generosity of friends who were succeeding in the game.

Ernest, a buddy of mine from Canada, came over one day, and we were all hanging around. Cynthia later informed me, “Your friend likes me.” He was licking his lips and staring at me in some way. Let’s go get some money from him. Tell him I’m not your girlfriend. Allow him to take me so we may obtain money from him.”

Ernest was formerly a player in the game. He went outdoors after getting money. I warned Cynthia Ernest that she might catch the hint, but she was so enthusiastic about collecting money that we gave it a shot. “Don’t let him sleep with you,” was the lone caution. Never.”

She brought me GHC 500 a week later. “He gave me 1,000 GHC.” “That’s your cut,” she explained.

Ernest was hiding the affair because he was afraid I would be upset if I found out he was seeing my sister. He was even concealing it from the team, but we were aware of what was going on.

He was here for a month, and we earned a lot of money.

He was still sending money after he left. Cynthia gave me my portion. I got a job and advised her not to see Ernest anymore. She didn’t give up. It escalated into a brawl, in which I threatened to let the cat out of the bag. “If you try it, you’ll go to jail,” she said. You know I’m familiar with all of your previous transactions. How much money can you offer me to get me to quit seeing Ernest?”

Cynthia is currently in Canada with Ernest, where they are having the time of their life. I tear up when I see their images. When I see these videos on Instagram, I want to kick them in the video.

Ernest finally understands reality. Cynthia, I believe, informed him in a way that she wouldn’t be held responsible, saying something like, “He gave me to you so we could get money from you, but I fell for you because you’re a good person.” That sort of thing.

I must confess, they had the final laugh. Cynthia informed me the last time I spoke with her, “If you stop being bitter, I will send you something small every month.” You don’t have to hate me since I don’t hate you.”

I bowed my head and kicked the bitterness out of my heart because money is money.

That girl is the only honest scammer there is. She maintained her promise. She occasionally sends me money. She’s gradually rebuilding the bridge between me and my old friend Ernest. She duped me, but I can’t really complain. I still have feelings for her but in a different manner. I adore her as someone who looks after me.

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