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How to Delete Week Old WhatsApp Messages [2023]



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WhatsApp is one of the biggest chatting applications in the world right now with a massive user base with over 33 million followers on Facebook.

WhatsApp introduced the long-awaited feature Unsend Messages like Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram messages. Even though these platforms are owned by the same company Meta, WhatsApp delayed introducing the feature.

Deleting messages on WhatsApp has some criteria. You need to delete a message before it gets too late. The time limit is 7 minutes. But if you want, you can delete it even after 7-days. I have tried several ways and found an effective way to delete old messages even after a week.

Here are the steps to delete week-old WhatsApp messages:

1. Check WhatsApp Messages

You need to check those WhatsApp messages in the first place to get an idea of when you sent the messages. Follow the steps to check WhatsApp messages.

• Launch WhatsApp.

• Go and check the Date and Time of the message you want to delete. (This is an important task to perform as you need to know the exact date and time of the message you want to delete.)

2. Tweak WhatsApp Configurations

You need to force stop WhatsApp to make your path easier and the process successful. Follow the steps to tweak the configurations of WhatsApp.

Turn off Wifi and Mobile Data.

• Go to Settings.

• Tap on Apps (or it can show as Application Manager).

• Scroll and search for WhatsApp.

• Tap on WhatsApp. This will take you into App Info.

• Tap on Force Stop. This will stop working the app from the foreground and background immediately

3. Tweak Your System Date and Time Settings

You will have to change your smartphone Date and Time to adjust the system according to your preference. Before that, you will have to turn off some settings

• Go to System Settings.

• Scroll down to Additional Settings.

• Select Date and Time.

• Turn off Use network-provided time.

• Turn off Use the network-provided time zone.

Now tap on the Time and Date to change them to the exact message timing you want to delete. Tap OK

4. Delete WhatsApp Messages

Now, as you have changed the date and time on your smartphone, you can delete the message as usual as you do. Just follow the steps below to delete the old messages quickly.

• Launch WhatsApp (without turning on Mobile Data or Wifi. Your phone needs to be offline.)

• Go to the conversation you need to delete messages.

• Tap and Hold on to the messages.

• Click on the Bin icon in the header.

• Tap Delete For Everyone.

You are done! Now just simply reboot your phone. And revert your changes to default. Check if your messages were deleted If not, then you can follow the process and try again.

Keep in mind that you can’t delete messages older than seven days.


Story by: Emily Erica Baffoe

Do It Yourself

How to Prepare Groundnut Soup – Betty’s Recipe




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It is said that every woman’s place is in the kitchen and also a way to every man’s heart is good food. In this article we are going to learn the steps in preparing African style finger licking chicken groundnut soup.

We are going to take the steps (steaming of groundnut paste, preparing and steaming of chicken , preparing main dish) one by one to make our learning process easy.

  • Steaming of groundnut paste

    Firstly pour your groundnut paste into a small pan then add a little water , then stir till it softens. Then place the pan that contains the groundnut paste on fire .
    As the groundnut paste is on the fire keep staring it till you finally see oil at the edge which shows it’s ready for consumption.
    take the pan off the fire so it can cool down.


  • Preparing and steaming of chicken

    Place another pan on fire … blend your onions, pepper, garlic and ginger for garnishing .
    Place your chicken inside the pan and add your seasons and blended items.
    Leave it to steam for 5-10mins.
    When ready add your tomato paste then stare.
    Add a little salt to taste.
    With this you will notice you have made light soup.


  • Final Step

    *Add your cooked groundnut to the steamed chicken(light soup) and add Maggie to give it a sweet taste .
    *Stir to mix everything together.
    *Add a little water to make it light. Then leave it on the fire to cook.
    *You can keep adding water till you get the lightness you want.

Groundnut soup can be served with banku , fufu and even rice balls.

Written By: Betty Crentsil

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