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How to Prepare Groundnut Soup – Betty’s Recipe



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It is said that every woman’s place is in the kitchen and also a way to every man’s heart is good food. In this article we are going to learn the steps in preparing African style finger licking chicken groundnut soup.

We are going to take the steps (steaming of groundnut paste, preparing and steaming of chicken , preparing main dish) one by one to make our learning process easy.

  • Steaming of groundnut paste

    Firstly pour your groundnut paste into a small pan then add a little water , then stir till it softens. Then place the pan that contains the groundnut paste on fire .
    As the groundnut paste is on the fire keep staring it till you finally see oil at the edge which shows it’s ready for consumption.
    take the pan off the fire so it can cool down.


  • Preparing and steaming of chicken

    Place another pan on fire … blend your onions, pepper, garlic and ginger for garnishing .
    Place your chicken inside the pan and add your seasons and blended items.
    Leave it to steam for 5-10mins.
    When ready add your tomato paste then stare.
    Add a little salt to taste.
    With this you will notice you have made light soup.


  • Final Step

    *Add your cooked groundnut to the steamed chicken(light soup) and add Maggie to give it a sweet taste .
    *Stir to mix everything together.
    *Add a little water to make it light. Then leave it on the fire to cook.
    *You can keep adding water till you get the lightness you want.

Groundnut soup can be served with banku , fufu and even rice balls.

Written By: Betty Crentsil

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Do It Yourself (DIY)

Top 5 Business Money-Saving Ideas




Top 5 Business Money-Saving Ideas

Businesses across the United Kingdom, United States, and Europe, not to mention internationally, are struggling to recover from nearly a year and a half of severe financial losses, and now, more than ever, it is time to thoroughly examine your business model and endeavour to discover ways to save your business time and money.

Invest In Your Staff

Every professional, respected, and successful business owner recognises and appreciates the value of their workforce. To save money, it is critical to invest in your employees’ welfare and mental health, which will ultimately improve efficiency and profitability. Take the time to meet with each of your employees one-on-one, or if your company is large, make sure your team leaders and supervisors do so on your behalf.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

One of the most effective ways to save money for your business, both in the short and long term, is to focus on lowering your energy bills. The first logical step is to conduct a thorough energy audit and consult with a reputable and experienced company such as Utility Bidder. They compare gas and electricity prices across the country to find the best package for your company.

Take Advertising Into Your Own Hands

The power of strong, impactful, and effective advertising cannot and should not be underestimated; however, it is a proven fact that every business, regardless of industry, wastes a staggering amount of money on ineffective advertising each year. There are numerous ways to cut your company’s advertising costs, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Instead of continuous blanket marketing, seek out targeted advertising opportunities.
  • Reduce the size of your paper or online advertisement by being more succinct and eliminating unnecessary details.
  • Instead of switching between marketing companies and ideas, conduct all of your advertising and graphic design artwork business with a single designer or marketer.
  • Create a simple yet extremely well-thought-out advertising strategy and stick to it!

Seek Out Sponsorship

There are numerous sponsorship opportunities available for your company, regardless of its size or industry of specialisation. When approaching a potential business sponsor, it is critical that you have already done a great deal of groundwork, and ideally, you should have already written a succinct yet compelling proposal with suggestions for how you can collaborate. The goal is to develop a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with the sponsor with whom you choose to work.

Bulk Buy Inventory

Bulk purchasing is one of the most tried and true methods of saving money in business. The main advantage is that the vendor sells their products at a lower price for larger quantities, and you can absorb these savings by declining to pass these discounts on to your customers.

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Do It Yourself (DIY)

How to Make Money from Home: The Best Ways to Earn Money Right Now




How to Make Money from Home: The Best Ways to Earn Money Right Now

With the economy in shambles and layoffs making headlines, “How to make money online” is a question that many people are asking right now as they look for new sources of income. There are more opportunities to earn extra cash than ever before, both online and offline. It can be difficult to know where to invest your time. As a result, I hope that this article will save you some time in your decision-making process.

Use this list to learn new ways to make money online and from home. I will frequently update this page with new ways to make money as new ideas arise, so bookmark it now.

Become a virtual assistant

If you have a knack for organisation and planning, becoming a virtual assistant is an excellent way to supplement your income online. A virtual assistant’s responsibilities include managing social media pages, responding to emails, and taking phone calls on behalf of a company. With the growing number of solopreneurs, virtual assistants are seeing an increase in demand for their services. Apply for jobs on Upwork, Indeed, or Virtual Assistant Jobs to get started.

According to, the average hourly wage for a virtual assistant is $19.36. Some virtual assistants have also found success by developing and marketing their own personal brands to entrepreneurs and startups. You can do the same by creating a Facebook Business page and filling it with content that promotes your service. (Creating one is free, and you can share it anywhere on the internet.)

Online paid surveys

Filling out online surveys in one’s spare time is a popular way for people to make money online. Globally, research firms are always looking for new members to answer surveys and test new products. You can quickly make a couple of quid for a few minutes of form filling, which is paid in cash or rewards. Some surveys can earn you up to $5! Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, Toluna, Pinecone, LifePoints, OnePoll, i-Say, Opinion Outpost, YouGov, Prizerebel, Marketagent, InboxPounds, Valued Opinions, The Opinion Panel, Mingle, Opinion Bureau, Maru Voice, Panel Base, Y Live, Survey Junkie are a few good ones to try.

Searching the web

Do you want to learn how to make money online quickly by doing what you already do? This has to be one of the simplest ways to make money online. rewards you for using Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay to search. Install a simple browser extension to see sponsored results alongside your regular search results.

Each Qmee result comes with a monetary reward. If you’re interested, simply click on it to claim your prize. You can also supplement your earnings by completing surveys. The best part is that there is no minimum cash-out amount. Our first one was only 72p, which was wired to our Paypal account. You can also choose to donate it to charity. Sign up for free now and start earning money from your own searches!

Online market trading

Investing in the stock market isn’t always an easy way to make money, but it can be lucrative if done correctly. By the same token, if you do not take it seriously, you may suffer significant losses. There is no longer any need to fund the yachts of Wolf of Wall Street-style stockbrokers. With the help of online market trading platforms, you can do it all yourself.

Transcribe audio and video files

Though artificial intelligence is becoming more popular as a tool for speech-to-text transcription, it is far from perfect. As a result, many businesses hire transcriptionists to convert audio from videos and speech files into accurate text. You can secure a part-time position with a company like or work freelance on specific projects with multiple firms. Most employers allow you to choose which projects you work on and set your own schedule.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend any money upfront; simply use the speakers built into your computer to transcribe. To be a successful transcriber, you must improve your typing skills. Your work must be error-free and simple for clients to understand. Begin by transcribing short audio files to prepare for job applications with transcription companies.

Set up a Patreon

Patreon is a membership platform that allows artists and creators to be compensated. Fans can subscribe to projects via this platform by paying a subscription fee. If you regularly create videos, podcasts, or music and have a following, you can join Patreon to allow your most ardent supporters to support your work through a monthly membership. To be successful on Patreon, you must provide your followers with something interesting in order to earn their support.

This could include involving them in your creative process or providing exclusive content created just for them. Check out these ideas for platform rewards you can give to your fans. Signing up for Patreon is completely free. Once you begin earning, the company only receives a small percentage.

Start a blog

Do you want to generate passive income? You can create a blog. Starting a blog can be a great way to earn money online if you enjoy writing and are knowledgeable about a particular topic. You can monetize your blog through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing if you create high-quality content and build a large audience.

Review websites and apps

Another free way to make money online is to review websites. Some businesses pay people and give them free products in exchange for leaving reviews on their websites. Other companies pay people to audit their website’s quality and performance. When reviewing a website, you’ll usually look at its functionality and how quickly it loads. Your earnings will be determined by the marketplace you work in and the testing methods you employ. In most cases, if you’re willing to do one-on-one testing sessions with clients via video conferencing, you’ll earn more.

Here are some companies you could work for:
App, website, and user experience testing at
For impression and survey-based testing, visit is a website for testing digital products, stores, and mobile apps.
There is no sign-up fee for any of these companies, so you can start reviewing websites and making money right away.

Publish a Kindle eBook

If Students excel at anything, especially research and writing. Anyone can use the Kindle store to publish an eBook and earn money on Amazon. Because the Kindle app is now available on any device, your global market is enormous! You earn 70% of the sale if you price your book between $2 and $10. Given that Amazon is the ultimate selling machine (and keep in mind that people are looking to spend), that is a fantastic deal. The key to eBook success is to add value and write nonfiction.

Bundling information you’ve researched and compiled on a common problem (for example,’secrets’ to finding a job) and presenting it in an easy-to-digest format (an eBook) justifies someone spending a few quid on it. Make a professional cover that stands out. Once your eBook is live on the Kindle store, it’s critical to get some reviews so that it ranks higher in search results. At the end of your book, encourage readers to leave an honest review. The best part about this profitable idea is that once you’ve put in the time (say, 20 hours), you’ll earn a passive income for years to come!

Affiliate marketing

Do you believe you have the marketing skills to effectively promote things? Join an affiliate programme and earn money by promoting products, services, or brands across multiple platforms. Sign up for the “Awin network” or the “Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programme” as a publisher. When you are accepted, you will be given an affiliate link that you can share with others. When someone purchases a product or service after clicking your link, you will be paid a commission as well as credit for the referral.

The commission payout is determined by the affiliate programme and the product being promoted—basic items on the Amazon marketplace will not pay much, but promoting digital services such as web hosting can earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Affiliate marketing, contrary to popular belief, does not rely on blog promotions to generate revenue for a marketer. You can promote businesses and earn money by using social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook.

Offer proofreading and editing services

Are you a grammar nerd or a former spelling bee champion? You can provide proofreading and editing services, such as checking written documents for errors and making necessary changes. Freelance opportunities can be found on websites such as ProofreadingPal and Gramlee.

Become an online travel agent

Where can you find the best flight deals and vacation packages? Consider working as a virtual travel agent from home. Travel agents are compensated for assisting people in planning vacations and personal travel. Many people rely on travel agents to make their trips easier because the logistics (connecting flights, accommodations, sightseeing tours, etc.) can be overwhelming. You do not need any special training to work as an online travel agent. You will need research and organisational skills to plan a smooth trip for your clients within the budget they specify. You can get help by partnering with different companies to get discounts for your clients.

Offer translation services

Offering translation services is a no-brainer if you are fluent in multiple languages. and are two of the best websites for finding translation gigs.

Create and sell a course

Why not turn your expertise into passive income by creating an e-course? This way, you only have to do the work once, and anyone can take — and pay for — your class whenever they want. Courses can be created and sold on platforms such as Gumroad, Udemy, and Teachable.

Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace where people can earn money by selling small services (known as ‘gigs’). What you have to offer could be anything. From writing and translating to social media posting, pranks, and teaching, to creating music, voiceovers, and short video clips for people all over the world, I’ve done it all. The default price is $5 (hence the name Fiverr), but you can charge more for additional services attached to gigs. Earnings can quickly add up, and thousands of people make a good living from the site.

The key is to put in place a system that reduces the amount of time spent on each gig. There is another way to profit from Fiverr while doing far less work. How? By simply reselling gigs to other people. Find a good logo designer, for example, and then respond to jobs on Upwork or local classifieds. A $5 investment can easily grow to $50 or more, and the process is repeatable! Just make sure your designer is on board with this.

Buy and sell domain names

A domain name is simply a website address (for example, ‘‘ or ‘’), and there are numerous extensions (.com,.net,, and so on). Registration with or costs as little as $5. Premium domain names, on the other hand, can fetch $1,000s, if not millions, when sold. was sold for a cool $35 million in 2007! You’re not going to find anything like that, but with a little searching, you could still turn a quick profit. The trick is to locate available domain names with commercial value. Take them and list them for sale on a site like

Sell photos online

Try uploading your photographs to stock image websites if you have a good eye and a little creativity. If you take photos on a regular basis or have a large number of images on your hard drive, you can sell them to stock agencies to make money. Every time someone downloads one of your photographs, you will be paid a commission—either a fixed amount or a percentage determined by the stock image site.

Best photo-selling websites include Burst, Shutterstock, Alamy, iStock, and others. You can make a lot of money if you build a nice collection around a specific theme. The best part is that every image you upload can be sold multiple times, though some websites may require you to make the images exclusive to their platform. Make more money by selling photo subjects with fewer search results (less competition) but which you believe have some demand.

Start a dropshipping business

A dropshipping business enables you to sell products online without keeping any inventory. You can create a website and collaborate with suppliers who will handle the order fulfilment. Shopify, a major clearinghouse for dropshipping, provides a one-stop solution.


In your spare time, perhaps you enjoy writing, reading, graphic design, or managing social media accounts. There are countless freelance jobs available that require specific skills or simply time that someone else may not have. Freelancing allows you to work from home for clients all over the world with just an internet connection. A freelancing guide can help you get started and find jobs.

Launch a YouTube channel

Have you ever considered becoming a YouTuber? You can now film unboxing videos, product tutorials, and funny skits using nothing more than your smartphone. And creating a YouTube channel is completely free. You can create a new channel with your name or a custom name by signing into YouTube with your Google account. According to recent statistics, we now watch more videos on YouTube than we do on Google searches.

You’ll have several ways to make money as a YouTube channel owner. When you reach 1,000 subscribers, you can begin earning money by running ads on your channel. To monetize your YouTube channel, you can also collaborate with brands on sponsored content, sell merchandise, or become an affiliate. Focusing on one niche is the key to a successful YouTube channel. You could provide beauty tutorials, reviewing tech products, or provide a daily roundup of cryptocurrency prices—whatever you believe will garner more attention. For more information, see our guide to making money on YouTube.

Offer social media consultancy

Do you know how to get Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest followers? Promote yourself as a social media consultant to sell your skills. Brands will contact you to collaborate on creative ideas, create videos, and more. It’s a great way for people with social media skills to make money because you can use your existing profile as your portfolio. Promote your portfolio by participating in digital marketing groups and forums. Also, remember to include a link in any outreach emails you send to agencies.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

We’re getting more questions about how to make money with Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies). Given the hype and stories of kids making millions, this is not surprising. Please don’t buy Bitcoin just to make money. It’s critical to understand what you’re getting yourself into. Read our Bitcoin guide to learn everything there is to know.

Which money-making scheme will you try first?

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Do It Yourself (DIY)

How to Delete Week Old WhatsApp Messages [2023]




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WhatsApp is one of the biggest chatting applications in the world right now with a massive user base with over 33 million followers on Facebook.

WhatsApp introduced the long-awaited feature Unsend Messages like Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram messages. Even though these platforms are owned by the same company Meta, WhatsApp delayed introducing the feature.

Deleting messages on WhatsApp has some criteria. You need to delete a message before it gets too late. The time limit is 7 minutes. But if you want, you can delete it even after 7-days. I have tried several ways and found an effective way to delete old messages even after a week.

Here are the steps to delete week-old WhatsApp messages:

1. Check WhatsApp Messages

You need to check those WhatsApp messages in the first place to get an idea of when you sent the messages. Follow the steps to check WhatsApp messages.

• Launch WhatsApp.

• Go and check the Date and Time of the message you want to delete. (This is an important task to perform as you need to know the exact date and time of the message you want to delete.)

2. Tweak WhatsApp Configurations

You need to force stop WhatsApp to make your path easier and the process successful. Follow the steps to tweak the configurations of WhatsApp.

Turn off Wifi and Mobile Data.

• Go to Settings.

• Tap on Apps (or it can show as Application Manager).

• Scroll and search for WhatsApp.

• Tap on WhatsApp. This will take you into App Info.

• Tap on Force Stop. This will stop working the app from the foreground and background immediately

3. Tweak Your System Date and Time Settings

You will have to change your smartphone Date and Time to adjust the system according to your preference. Before that, you will have to turn off some settings

• Go to System Settings.

• Scroll down to Additional Settings.

• Select Date and Time.

• Turn off Use network-provided time.

• Turn off Use the network-provided time zone.

Now tap on the Time and Date to change them to the exact message timing you want to delete. Tap OK

4. Delete WhatsApp Messages

Now, as you have changed the date and time on your smartphone, you can delete the message as usual as you do. Just follow the steps below to delete the old messages quickly.

• Launch WhatsApp (without turning on Mobile Data or Wifi. Your phone needs to be offline.)

• Go to the conversation you need to delete messages.

• Tap and Hold on to the messages.

• Click on the Bin icon in the header.

• Tap Delete For Everyone.

You are done! Now just simply reboot your phone. And revert your changes to default. Check if your messages were deleted If not, then you can follow the process and try again.

Keep in mind that you can’t delete messages older than seven days.


Story by: Emily Erica Baffoe

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