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I Was In My Girlfriend’s Room At Midnight When Her Real Boyfriend Came Knocking On The Door



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For four years I’d been lonely. There were opportunities where I could have proposed to some women in my life and made them mine but I let those opportunities pass me by because I was focused on building my life. 

The last girl that left my life left because she didn’t see any future in me. I wanted to shame that girl. I wanted to prove to her that my life could amount to something though she wrote me off. We dated for three years. She was nothing when we met. She was in school and had nothing. I was the one providing for her until she completed training college. 

After raining school, she started seeing big men who promised her heaven on earth. She told me about them but each time that conversation came up she said, “You have to do something with your life. You shouldn’t live life as if it ends here. Be greater than this because life keeps moving by.”

Whenever I asked what she wanted from me, she asked me, “Are you happy the way you are? Don’t you want more? Don’t you want to make more money? Leave this job if it isn’t bringing you anything. Go back to school. 

Make yourself better.” When she started giving me those lines, I knew she had seen something bigger than I’d shown her. I knew the end had come but I was only bidding my time. The guy he left me for had it all—cars, a nice job and a beautiful place to live. 

She didn’t even give me the courtesy of a breakup. She just stopped picking up my calls and answering my text. A couple of weeks later I sent her a text; ”Why don’t you say something to me?” She answered, “What do you want me to say? Don’t you see it when love ends? Do you want me to break it down for you before you understand?”

That hurt. I told her, “Did I do anything to hurt you? Why would you do this to me?” That message went unanswered to date. I cried some time—not because of the breakup but because of the lack of respect in the way she left me. 

I looked up and said, “God, shine on your son cos this pain is too bad.” I took her advice. I went back to school, and later got a new job which is more stable than the first. The salary was better so I started turning my life around. 

All this while, I had no woman in my life and life was good. And then Catherine came along. Apart from beauty, she is smart and eloquent. She moderated an online meeting I was part and all through the meeting, I was only focusing on her and the way she pronounced certain words and made her submissions. 

After the meeting, I called her; “There is so much you know that I don’t know. Can I have the chance to tap from you?” January, we were just friends. February I had proposed to her and she had told me to give her some time. March she accepted to be my girlfriend. Before that, she said, “Are you sure you’re single? 

I don’t like any woman to come and beat me in your house ooo.” I assured her, “I’m so single I write ‘single in the middle of my name. There’s no one to worry about if you become mine.”

So love started and it was good. Not too long after she said yes I noticed something about her that gave me doubts. She was always on her phone whenever I was with her. When I complained she said, “You know I handle a lot of online meetings. 

This is a clubhouse meeting I’m moderating.” She always had something to say so I gave her the benefit of the doubt while begging her to tone it down. Deep in the night, her phone’s screen would light up and she’ll pick up and respond. My heart was heavy but the relationship was new so I didn’t want to affect the texture anyway. 

One evening, I went to visit her and she asked me, “Are you going to spend the night here?” It wasn’t my intention to spend the night there but the way she asked it sounded like she wanted me to. 

I asked her, “Do you want me to spend the night with you?” She answered, “I’m your girlfriend. Do me what you like. You don’t need permission.” I said, “Ok, then let’s get jiggy.” She was on her phone texting with a serious face. 

I was watching her and thinking there was a problem she was addressing. I asked, “You look worried, is there a problem?” She answered, “Is it not these silly people on our Whatsapp page. They always want my trouble.” I got up and entered the bathroom. 

I was there when I heard her talking on the phone. Her voice was very low as if she didn’t want anyone to hear her.

When I came out I asked, “Catherine, who was on the phone with you?” She answered, “The way you ask questions about my phone it looks like you have problems. 

Don’t you believe me? Did your last girlfriend cheat on you? Why are you so insecure?” I was gentle with her. I said, “If this happened once, I wouldn’t have had any reason to question you but it keeps happening. 

Each time when we are together, your phone comes in the way.” She said, “Then you’re coming at the wrong time. I’m not always on my phone.” 

As I said, the relationship was new so I didn’t want to affect the flavour. 

I let sleeping dogs lie so we could have a beautiful night. We started the match around 11pm. Our lips were busy, our hands were busy touching things, and our skin was sweaty out of exhaustion. 

Everything was going on well until her phone’s screen lit up. She saw it and I saw it too but she ignored it. we were too far away to be responding to calls. The calls didn’t stop coming. It even affected my mood. I was like, “Who is that person? Doesn’t he know how to stop? If you call and she doesn’t pick, you stop.”

But the person calling didn’t know how to stop so the phone’s screen kept lightening up and going dim. I got off her and said, “Answer the call, whoever is calling might have a reason.” 

She said, ”Is that the reason you’ve stopped? Should we care about calls at this time of the night?” I answered, “It’s your phone. The person had been calling for the past five minutes. Maybe it’s urgent.” She answered, “I know who is calling. 

If he has urgent matters, I wouldn’t be the one he would call. Just forget about him.” She took the phone and turned it off. “Are you happy now?” She asked. At that time my distin had deflated and had no desire to start all over again. 

She crept into my arms and we started sleeping. 

Just when I was about to doze off, I heard a knock on the door. It was loud and heavy. The kind of knock you hear when the police are at your door. She didn’t hear. She was fast gone. 

A few seconds later, I heard the knock again. It was so loud it woke her up. She asked me, “Who is that?” I answered, “It’s your door so you should ask.” Before she could open her mouth and scream “Who is that?” A deep voice bellowed; “Catherine, open the door.” 

She didn’t even ask who it was, she started shivering.” I asked, “Who is that? She answered hurriedly, “That’s Kwame. Please hide somewhere. He’s dangerous.” I asked, “Hide where? Why should I hide?” She was shaking and going around the room. 

The voice kept shouting in front of the door; “Catherine, I know you’re there, open the door.”

From the way she was acting, I knew we were in trouble. I asked her, “Is that your boyfriend?” She said, “Stop asking questions and let’s find a way you can hide.” Her window had burglar proof so I couldn’t run through it. 

Under the bed was also a bad place to hide in a situation like that. I wore my trousers and picked up my shirt. The guy was at the door trying to break the door. I said, “I would stand behind the door, when you open it, try and take him to the bedroom so I can escape.” 

The guy kept shouting, “I know you’re in there with someone. I say open the door!” She called him on the phone and asked, “Are you the one breaking my door? What is wrong with you? Why are you here at this time of the night?” I heard the guy shouting, “Open the door before I break it down.” 

I went to stand behind the door. Immediately she opened the door, the guy rushed to the bedroom, shouting, “You see I’ve caught you? Whoever he is, he would smell pepper today.” One huge guy. Immediately he entered the bedroom, I sneaked out. It looks like he heard it when the door closed. 

I heard him shouting, “Is he the one going out?” I was far gone before he could reach me. Most of the tenants had opened their curtains trying to see what was happening. I didn’t look back. I ran with all the energy I could muster. I was shivering, thinking he might be following me. I got home safely and locked my doors.” 

All night I stayed scared thinking he might have found his way to my house and was coming to attack. The morning light came and I breathed easily. I called her and she didn’t pick up. She called back around midday. She was apologizing. I asked, “Now tell me who he is and why he came around that time and why you were shivering?” She said, “Sorry I didn’t tell you. 

He’s my immediate ex-boyfriend. We broke up five months ago but he doesn’t want to understand that we broke up. He still wants me but I don’t him. I’m sorry for what happened. 

It won’t happen again.” I laughed. I said, “You think I will believe such a flimsy explanation? An ex who comes breaking your door in the middle of the night asking who is there with you? Thank God I escaped but I’m not coming around again.”

She said, “That’s fine. You don’t have to come to me. I would be coming to you myself.” She didn’t understand what I said so I had to explain it to her in detail. “I mean it’s over. 

You’ve waved these red flags right from the beginning. You had excuses each time I asked questions but this won’t be an excuse I will accept. It’s over. I love my life so I’m going to preserve it.”

She doesn’t want to understand that it’s over. She had sent me screenshots of conversations she had had with the guy and the threat of reporting him to the police. 

Somewhere the guy said, “I’ll stay away but remember that you won’t have any guy to love you the way I do.” She thinks that’s enough to convince me. She looks like she’s deeply in love with me and would do everything to have me back. 

I’ve never had a woman fight for me the way she’s doing. It’s giving me second thoughts. I want to give her another chance and monitor her with my eyes wide open. On the other hand, I’m scared she’s lying. What should I do to draw the curtains on this issue?

Should I give her another chance based on the evidence she has presented or I should call it a wrap and move on?

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Apply for Scholarships in USA: GPA Requirements and Many More




Apply for Scholarships in USA: GPA Requirements and Many More

A scholarship is a monetary award given to a student for academic achievement and promise. Some, however, consider financial needs as well. Scholarships are not required to be repaid. You can apply for three types of scholarships: university scholarships, department-sponsored scholarships, and external (non-UNT) scholarships. Obtaining a full free scholarship in the United States is a difficult process, but it is possible if you have outstanding academic achievements, exceptional talents, and financial needs.

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Apply for Scholarships in USA: GPA Requirements and Many More

Applying for scholarships in the USA typically involves the following steps:

  • Scholarship research: Begin by looking into scholarships that are available to you. You can find scholarships that match your skills, interests, and qualifications by using online search engines such as Fastweb,, and Cappex.
  • Checking eligibility: Once you’ve found scholarships that interest you, carefully review their eligibility requirements. Some scholarships may be restricted to specific regions, disciplines, or demographic groups.
  • Preparing your application materials: Scholarship applications typically require the submission of an application form, transcripts, test scores, essays, letters of recommendation, and other supporting materials. Gather all required documents and begin preparing them as soon as possible to ensure that you meet the application deadline.
  • Scholarship applications: Submit your applications to the scholarships for which you are eligible and interested. Make sure to carefully read the application instructions and submit your materials by the deadline.
  • Following up: After submitting your scholarship applications, you may need to contact the scholarship providers to confirm receipt and inquire about the status of your application.
  • Acceptance of an award: If you are chosen for a scholarship, you will typically be notified via email or mail. Additional steps may be required, such as accepting the scholarship offer, providing additional documentation, or attending an interview.
  • Renewal: Some scholarships are renewable for multiple years; however, in order to continue receiving the scholarship, you must maintain your eligibility and meet the renewal requirements.

In addition to these steps, you can think about ways to improve your academic performance, participate in extracurricular activities, volunteer, and network with scholarship providers and alumni to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

What GPA is required for scholarships USA?

The GPA required for scholarships in the United States varies depending on the scholarship programme, but most scholarships require a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Some scholarships, however, may have higher GPA requirements, such as 3.0, 3.5, or even 4.0. Scholarships may take into account factors other than GPA, such as test scores, essays, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and community involvement. Certain majors, academic programmes, or demographic groups may also have specific GPA requirements for scholarships. It’s critical to research the specific scholarship programmes you’re interested in to find out what GPA requirements and other eligibility criteria they have.

What is the easiest scholarship to get?

Scholarship programmes vary in terms of eligibility requirements, application processes, and competitiveness, so there is no single “easiest” scholarship to obtain. Some scholarship programmes, on the other hand, may have less competition and more relaxed eligibility requirements, potentially making them easier to obtain. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Some scholarships are only available to students from a specific geographic region, such as a city, county, or state. Local scholarships may attract fewer applicants than national scholarships, making them more accessible.
  • Niche scholarships are intended for students with specific interests, talents, or backgrounds. There are scholarships for left-handed students, tall students, gamers, and a variety of other niche categories.
  • Merit-based scholarships are given out based on academic or other achievements, such as athletic or artistic abilities. Merit-based scholarships may be available if you have a strong academic record or exceptional talents.
  • Scholarships based on financial need: Some scholarships are awarded based on financial need. You may be eligible for need-based scholarships if you demonstrate financial need.
  • Essay contests: Some scholarship programmes require applicants to write essays on a particular topic. You may have an advantage in essay-based scholarship contests if you are a strong writer.

While there may be less competition for these types of scholarships, it is important to note that they still require effort and attention to detail in the application process. To increase your chances of receiving a scholarship, review the eligibility requirements carefully, submit all required materials on time, and put your best foot forward in your application.

Which US university gives 100% scholarships?

Some universities in the United States provide full-ride scholarships that cover tuition, room and board, and other expenses. However, these scholarships are extremely competitive, and only a small number of students are typically awarded them each year. The following universities provide full-ride scholarships:

  • Duke University: The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program at Duke covers full tuition, fees, room and board, as well as summer enrichment opportunities and leadership development.
  • Emory University: Emory University offers the Emory Scholars Program, which includes full tuition, fees, room and board, as well as a stipend for study abroad, research, or internship opportunities.
  • Notre Dame Scholars Program: The Notre Dame Scholars Program covers full tuition, fees, room and board, as well as an additional $26,000 for enrichment opportunities such as research, internships, or study abroad.
  • Vanderbilt University: The Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship, which covers full tuition, fees, room and board, as well as a stipend for summer research or study abroad, is available at Vanderbilt.
  • Yale University offers the Yale Scholarship, which includes full tuition, fees, room and board, a travel stipend, and a book allowance.

Please keep in mind that these scholarships have specific eligibility requirements and application processes, as well as being extremely competitive. To be considered for one of these scholarships, you must have exceptional academic achievements, leadership skills, and community involvement, among other things. To determine if you qualify, research each university’s scholarship programmes and eligibility criteria, and carefully follow the application instructions.

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MTN Ghana disputes $773m tax bill from government



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MTN Group Ltd., Africa’s largest wireless carrier, said it has received a $773 million back-tax bill, including penalties and interest charges in Ghana that it plans to fight.

The bill is for the period between 2014 and 2018 and implies that MTN under-declared its revenue in the country by 30%, the company said in a statement on Friday.

MTN said it received the notice this week

The company said, “MTN Ghana believes that the taxes due have been paid during the period under assessment and has resolved to vigorously defend MTN Ghana’s position on the assessment,” 

Africa’s largest wireless carriers are increasingly caught up in tax disputes on the continent.

MTN was victorious in a conflict in Nigeria in 2020 when the government had to drop a $2 billion claim for back taxes following a 16-month battle.

More recently, Vodacom Group Ltd. has been embroiled in a controversial tax demand in Congo that saw the government seal parts of its offices and freezes

A spokeswoman for the GRA, Florence Asante, said she couldn’t immediately comment when reached by phone.

Ghana, which lost access to the international capital markets due to its ballooning debt and loan service costs, suspended interest payments on its external debt last month. The nation is trying to restructure its obligations to finalize a $3 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund. 

MTN said in the statement that the GRA had begun an audit of its Ghanaian business in 2019 to look into the “reliability and completeness” of the revenue it declared during the five years. The GRA hadn’t issued the unit with any guidelines or standards relating to its new audit methodology, MTN said. 

“MTN Group and MTN Ghana will continue to engage with the relevant authorities on this matter and MTN remains resolute that MTN Ghana is a tax-compliant corporate citizen,” the company said. its bank accounts.

The Ghana Revenue Authority used a third-party consultant as well as a new methodology, the company said.

“MTN Ghana strongly disputes the accuracy and basis of the assessment, including the methodology used in conducting the audit,” the company said.


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5 Richest Families In Ghana



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Despite the crippling economic challenges confronting Ghana, some families still wield strong financial muscles according to a recent research conducted by Forbes top five richest families in Ghana.

The Irani family with a net worth of $800m ranks among the list compiled by the renowned research outfit.

Also on the list is the Brock Royal family with a $748m net worth.

Recently, the Brock family was in the news following a sleek Maybach Exelero discovered in Ghana after a collaborative effort by two embassies resulting in the confiscation of the sports like car in Accra.

It was later released after the embassy discovered the affluence of the Brock Royal family.

The founder and father of the Brock royal family declined interview by the media wanting to enquire more about their wealth.

The Kalmoni family with a net worth of $700m also ranks among the top five rich list.

A $650m net worth hands the Awuah Darkos a place on the rankings.

Owners of business conglomerate (Ashfoam, Suvenil Paints)-The Hitti family -net worth of $550m has been captured on the Forbes rich list.

According to the research, the criteria for the ranking was not based strictly on net worth, but rather the total value of properties minus debt .

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