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Spotinvest Review – Grow Wealth with Spotinvest’s Platform



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According to Spotinvest Review, it is an innovative, secure platform that provides investors access to global markets and helps them grow their wealth. With years of expertise and development, Spotinvest offers a safe and decent environment for investors to earn investment returns.

The Spotinvest platform is designed to provide investors with the best experience possible. It offers red-hot data, trends, and expert opinions to help inform traders and make better decisions. The platform also provides access to a wide range of global markets, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios and access new opportunities.

In addition, Spotinvest’s platform includes a suite of educational resources to assist traders in staying informed and maximizing their returns. It features a library of market analyses, tutorials, and market insights to keep traders ahead of the curve. With Spotinvest, investors can build their wealth and stay informed in a secure environment.

Spotinvest Review – Investment Opportunities

Spotinvest is the perfect platform for investors looking to access a wide range of investment opportunities. With access to stocks, indices, metals and more, investors can diversify their portfolios and invest in global markets. They offer a range of robust risk management tools to protect your investments and limit downside risk. Stop-loss orders, limit orders, and other tools help you manage your risk and maximize your return.

With Spotinvest, you can improve your returns and reduce risk with a broad selection of investment opportunities. You’ll have access to the latest market trends, powerful analytics and real-time data, and a suite of automated tools that make investing easy and efficient. Their customer support team is here to help you navigate the markets and make informed decisions.

Trading Community

Spotinvest’s trading community is a hub of activity where traders can connect and share ideas, strategies, and experiences. Their vibrant community is a great place to learn from experienced traders and build relationships with other traders. They also provide a wide range of tutorials and resources to help new traders get familiar with the market and start trading.

Spotinvest Review – Take the First Step to Financial Freedom

Spotinvest is a licensed and regulated online broker that provides a wide range of trading services designed to meet novice and experienced traders’ needs.

With Spotinvest, you can access a wide range of global markets and enjoy live multilingual support 24/5. All this, plus a range of free premium trading tools, lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals, and competitive spreads, make Spotinvest the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their first step towards financial independence.A Comprehensive Range of Trading Services

At Spotinvest, they offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of all investors. You can access various markets, including Forex, commodities, indices, stocks, etc. With Spotinvest, you can also take advantage of their advanced trading platform, which includes various tools and features designed to help you make informed decisions and achieve better results from your trades.

Multilingual Support

At Spotinvest, they understand that trading can be complex, so they provide multilingual assistance. Their experienced customer service team can answer any questions about their services and provide guidance and advice.

Free Premium Trading Tools

Spotinvest also offers a range of free premium tools to help you make accurate decisions and maximize your chances of success. Their advanced trading platform includes easy-to-use charting tools, price alerts, market analysis tools, and a range of other features designed to make trading more accessible and efficient.

Robust Withdrawals and Deposits

At Spotinvest, they understand that speed is of the essence when it comes to trading. That’s why they offer quick withdrawals and deposits so you can be sure your funds are safe and secure. They also provide competitive spreads, giving you the best access to global markets.

Spotinvest Review – Discovering the Benefits of Spotinvest

When it comes to online investing, Spotinvest is one of the most decent and respected platforms. It’s been around for over a decade and provides traders with various benefits that can help them make the most of their investments. In this Spotinvest review, we’ll explore what Spotinvest offers and how it can help investors to maximize their profits.

Currency Pairs

One feature that makes Spotinvest stand out from the competition is its selection of currency pairs. Clients can trade in over 50 major and minor currencies, gaining exposure to more markets than ever. This is excellent news for investors who want to take advantage of global trends and opportunities.

High Liquidity 

Spotinvest also offers exceptional liquidity, meaning that clients can move in and out of positions quickly and easily. This is especially useful for day traders who need to capitalize on short-term opportunities. Spotinvest’s liquidity is among the best in the industry, giving investors the confidence that they can execute their trades without any hassle.

Competitive Spreads

Spotinvest also offers competitive spreads for its clients. This means that investors can get the best price for their trades, regardless of market conditions. This is especially beneficial for those looking to maximize their profits and make the most of their investments.

Impressive Leverage

Spotinvest also offers Impressive leverage, which is excellent news for investors looking to take more significant risks and make more enormous profits. With leverage, traders can enhance their market exposure without investing ample capital. This is excellent news for those who want to get the most out of their trades.

Variety of Stocks

In addition to currency pairs, Spotinvest also offers a wide variety of stocks. You can access stocks from all major exchanges, making it easy to diversify your portfolio. You can also access international markets, find new trading opportunities and make some extra pro.

Quick Opening of Account

Another great feature of Spotinvest worth mentioning in this Spotinvest review is that clients can easily open an account. This means that investors don’t have to wait around for days or weeks to get started. Instead, they can get up and run in just a few minutes.

Growth Opportunities Are High

Finally, Spotinvest offers its clients the opportunity to access high growth potential. This is excellent news for those who want to make the most of their investments and maximize their profits. Spotinvest is an ideal platform for those who want to take full advantage of the markets and reap the rewards. Clients can trade in different markets, which increases their chances of making a profit.

Spotinvest Review –Exploring Investment Opportunities with Spotinvest

Investing your money can be a daunting task. With the ever-changing market, it can be hard to stay ahead of the current trends and make the best financial decisions. Luckily, Spotinvest is here to help. Spotinvest offers a range of resources for investors, from daily news to an education center, to keep you updated.

Daily News

Investors need to stay uplifted on the contemporary news and trends in their specific markets. Spotinvest offers periodical news updates that guide you to stay informed and make top-of-the-heap decisions. The news covers everything from economic trends to political developments so that you can stay at the top of the ladder.

Education Center

It is important to note in this Spotinvest Review that Spotinvest also provides a broad education center to help investors make insightful decisions. The center offers an array of resources to help you understand the basics of investing and become a more keen investor.

Economic Calendar

Spotinvest also provides an economic calendar that you can use to keep track of global economic events. This calendar provides a comprehensive overview of the markets and helps you plan your investments accordingly. This can help you stay informed about current events and plan your investments and trading strategies. You can also use the Economic Calendar to monitor macroeconomic indicators.


Spotinvest also provides a wall-to-wall FAQ section to assist you with any questions or trouble. The FAQs cover various topics, from understanding the markets to setting up your account. This allows investors to get the necessary answers without searching through the site.


Investing your money can be a scary prospect. There are many different options. That’s why Spotinvest is here to help. Their comprehensive services make it simple and easy to earn maximum from your investments. Spotinvest is an excellent tool for anyone looking to invest in numerous markets and become financially independent. With their powerful tools, you can get the knowledge, tips and guidance you need to make the best financial decisions.

The Spotinvest team also provides various educational materials to understand the fundamentals of multiple markets and help you to develop the skills you need to become a successful investor. From the basics of investing to advanced strategies, Spotinvest has the resources you need to build the skills to become a successful investor. Spotinvest also provides you with a range of support services, so you can get the help and advice you need whenever you need it. They have an experienced team of professionals who can help you understand the markets and make the best decisions for your financial future.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a recommendation. The author is not responsible for any resulting actions of the company during your trading experience. The information provided in this article may need to be more accurate and up-to-date. Any trading or financial decision you make is your sole responsibility, and you must not rely on any information provided here. We do not provide any warranties regarding the information on this website and are not responsible for any losses or damages incurred from trading or investing.


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You have no authority in court – Judge ‘fires’ OSP




"You have no appellate jurisdiction over the High Court, whatever power you have," Justice Abodakpi stated. What exactly were the depositions? In the depositions (paragraphs 21-23 of the affidavits), the OSP accused Mr Bissue, among other things, of deceiving the court into issuing an interim injunction based on a non-existent arrest warrant. In the deposition, the OSP also chastised the court for issuing an interim injunction for 10 days, preventing the anti-graft agency from detaining and investigating Mr Bissue.

An Accra High Court has slammed the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) for “overstepping its boundaries” and “abusing its powers.”

The court presided over by Justice Nicholas Mensah Abodakpi, was dissatisfied with certain depositions in the OSP’s affidavit, which was challenging a legal action brought by a former Presidential Staffer, Charles Cromwell Bissue, seeking to quash an arrest warrant allegedly obtained by the anti-graft agency to arrest and investigate him.

According to Justice Abodakpi, the OSP’s depositions (paragraphs 21-23 of the affidavit) were “scandalous,” an “abuse of office,” with the OSP acting as if it had control over the court.

As a result, the court knocked down the three paragraphs.

“The OSP has no appellate jurisdiction over the High Court.

“You have no appellate jurisdiction over the High Court, whatever power you have,” Justice Abodakpi stated.

What exactly were the depositions?

In the depositions (paragraphs 21-23 of the affidavits), the OSP accused Mr Bissue, among other things, of deceiving the court into issuing an interim injunction based on a non-existent arrest warrant.

In the deposition, the OSP also chastised the court for issuing an interim injunction for 10 days, preventing the anti-graft agency from detaining and investigating Mr Bissue.

“It is, thus, regrettable that although no court warrant was ever issued or existed, this Honourable Court firmly handed down an order of interim injunction against the first respondent, on an ex parte application, to restrain the respondent from discharging its statutory functions for ten (10) days.

It bears noting that a copy of the alleged warrant was never exhibited to the ex parte application, but the applicant had to bear the brunt of the judicial order all the same,” the OSP deposed.

Abuse of power

As the OSP tried to criticise the court for issuing the temporary injunction, Justice Abodakpi stated the depositions were scandalous.

The court stated that the OSP’s best choice was to challenge its verdict rather than condemn it in this manner.

“You cannot remonstrate and castigate the court over decisions it has made,” the judge said.

Justice Abodapki then asked Seth Ansong, counsel for the OSP, if he had a copy of the order issuing the interim injunction, to which counsel answered, “Not that I am aware of.”

The explanation from the OSP provoked a strong response from the judge, who queried how he took the depositions without reviewing the court’s judgement.

“Then why are you saying those things if you haven’t read the ruling of the court?

If you disagree with a court judgement, you can appeal to the Court of Appeal.

You are misusing your abilities.

You cannot condemn me (Judge).

“You haven’t seen the court’s decision and you’re saying those things,” Justice Abodapki stated.

Meanwhile, the case has been rescheduled for a hearing on January 15, 2019, during which a video tape of the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, providing interviews is anticipated to be aired in court.

Lawyers for Bissue said that Mr Agyebeng provided an interview in which he mentioned the arrest warrant, which has become a point of dispute in the case.

The OSP, on the other hand, has accused Bissue of deceiving the court about the existence of the stated arrest warrant, which led to the issuing of the temporary injunction.

The OSP claims that it has arrest authority and hence did not require a court order to carry out an arrest.

As a result, the OSP has suggested to the court that it would cross-examine Bissue’s lead attorney, Nana Agyei Baffour, to ascertain the veracity of his deposition to his affidavit, which said that the OSP had secured an arrest warrant for Charles Bissue.

Justice Abodakpi further ordered the parties — Bissue, the Attorney-General (representing the Kaneshie District, which allegedly issued the warrant), and the OSP — to provide written responses by the next postponed date.

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Chinese national and six others detained for mining in the Oda forest reserve




Michael Corsa (28), Basit Shiizu (28), Amadu Musah (37), Prince Boakye (20), Amedodzi KOFI (30), and Akwasi Adu (30) are all Ghanaians, as is Shi Tianchao, a 44-year-old Chinese national.

The Bekwai Forestry Commission nabbed a Chinese national and six Ghanaians for unlawful mining known as galamsey in local vernacular.

District Manager, Ernest Adofo, told Adom News that the suspects were apprehended at the Oda Forest Reserve in the Ashanti region’s Amansie Central district.

image 185

Following the arrest, authorities took swift action by torching six excavators utilised by these unlawful operators.

image 186

Michael Corsa (28), Basit Shiizu (28), Amadu Musah (37), Prince Boakye (20), Amedodzi KOFI (30), and Akwasi Adu (30) are all Ghanaians, as is Shi Tianchao, a 44-year-old Chinese national.

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Heavy security in court as NAM1 pleads to new charges




Security at the court's entrance is tight ahead of the hearing, with everyone properly vetted before access. NAM1 is scheduled to answer in court to the 39 counts on the revised charged sheet.

Following court orders, security at the entrance of the Financial and Economic Division of the High Court in Accra has been increased.

This came after counsel representing the former Menzgold Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nana Appiah Mensah, also known as NAM1, informed the court that the company’s PRO had been attacked with an object during the previous sitting by an unnamed customer.

As a result, Justice Ernest Owusu-Dapaa, a Justice of the Court of Appeal acting as an extra High Court judge, ordered the Registrar to increase security whenever the matter came up.

Security at the court’s entrance is tight ahead of the hearing, with everyone properly vetted before access.

NAM1 is scheduled to answer in court to the 39 counts on the revised charge sheet.

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