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Check A List Of The 204 Hit Songs By Legendary Ghanaian Music Producer, Apietus



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Born on the 12th of March 1977, Appiah Dankwah, popularly known as Appietus is a multiple-award-winning Ghanaian music producer, based in the capital, Accra.

Apietus has worked with many generational hit artistes including the legendary Dady Lumba, Nana Acheampong, Sarkodie, Kwadee, Kwaw Kesse, Wutah, Praye, 4×4 and a host of Ghanaian artistes.

Well, in this article, we will focus on the many hit songs recorded by Apietus and hopefully bring some nostalgic moments of some of the best tunes we enjoyed on the airwaves in the past.

I bet, you didn’t know some of these songs were recorded by Apietus.

Appietus Appiah Dankwah  works 

Artist:-  Praye 

1 Song Title:- Angelina

2 Song Title:- Run Run Sometin

3 Song Title:- Kakyere Me 

4 Song Title:- Shordy

Artist:- Wutah 

5 Song Title:- Adonko

6 Song Title:- Kotosa

7 Song Title:- Goosy Gander 

8 Song Title:- Change Your Style

Artist:- @4×4

 9  Song Title:- World Trade Center

10 Song Title:- Waist & Power

11 Song Title:- Yesi Yesi

12 Song Title:- Miss Doctor

13 Song Title:- Womanizer

Artist:- 5Five  

14 Song Title:- African Girls Remix ft. Iwan, Kwaw Kese, 4×4

15 Song Title:- Bossu Kena ft. Appietus

16 Song Title:- Move Back ( Muje Baya ) ft. Appietus

17 Song Title:- Tinkolon

18 Song Title:- Gargantuan Body

19 Song Title:- African Girls ft. Diojo

Artist:- @Castro

20 Song Title:- Front & Back ft. K.K Fosu

21 Song Title:- Azonto 320 Degrees ft. Kesse

22 Song Title:- Swagger ft. Sarkodie 

23 Song Title:- Makoma ft. Kwabena Kwabena

24 Song Title :-Do Me Na Mendo Wo Bi (Appietus Compilation)


25 Song Title:- Molemole Boy

26 Song Title:- Se Ewiase Nyinaa Beyi Wamaa ft. Voltage & Chorus

27 Song Title:- Obi Ato Meso Bour Remix ft. Okyeame Kwame & Kwabena Kwabena

28 Song Title:- Awoso

29 Song Title:- Men Sei Da Remix

30 Song Title:- Give & Take

31 Song Title:- Tokrom

32 Song Title:- Nana Ye Winner

33 Song Title:- Ogyebosour

34 Song Title:- Odo Nsuo

35 Song Title:- Aye Huuhuuhu

36 Song Title:- Nana Awu

Artist:- @Ofori Amponsah

37 Song Title:- Broken Heart

38 Song Title:- Otoolege ft.K.K Fosu, Barosky & Kofi Nti

39 Song Title:- Emmanuella ft. Kofi Nti & Barosky 

40 Song Title:- Abelle

41 Song Title:- Nothing But Love ft. D-Flex

42 Song Title:- Puduo ft. Kofi Nti & Barosky

43 Song Title:- Samson & Delialah ft. Voltage

44 Song Title:- Abrefi

45 Song Title:- So Nice ft. Barosky, Kofi Nti & Chorus

46 Song Title:- Ope Me Noer

47 Song Title:- Odo Tese Aduro

48 Song Title:- Peepoopee (Akua) ft. Barosky, Chorus & Kofi Nti 

49 Song Title:- Dambebi Remix ft. Coded of 4×4

50 Song Title:- lady Remix

51 Song Title:- Asala ft. Kofi Nti & Appietus 

52 Song Title:- Mr. & Mrs. ft. Barosky & She

Artist:- Kofi Nti 

53 Song Title:- Odo Nwom ft. Ofori Amponsah & Barosky

54 Song Title:- Rakia ft. Ofori Amponsah & K.K Fosu 

55 Song Title:- Atwetan ft. Ofori Amponsah, Barosky & Kofi B

Artist:- Nkasei 

56 Song Title:- Tuabodom

Artist:- Sarkodie

57 Song Title:- Azonto Fiesta ft. Kesse & Appietus 

Artist:- Lord Kenya 

58 Song Title:- Born Again ft. Ofori Amponsah & Barosky

Artist:- Prince Bright Buk Bak ( Buk Back)

59 Song Title:- Alanta

Artist:-  Obrafour 

60 Song Title:- Heavy ft. Kof B

Artist:-  Kwabena Skrewfaze 

61 Song Title:- Bue Bue ft. Castro

62 Song Title:- Maabena ft. Shilo & Motia

63 Song Title:- Sala ft. D-Flex & Mokid

Artist:-  Adani Best

64 Song Title:- Manfio 

65 Song Title:- Adesa

66 Song Title:- Zamunyamunya

Artist:- Akoo Nana Music 

67 Song Title:- Mugu ft. Akan of Ruff & Smooth

68 Song Title:- Shordy ft. Castro & Reggy Zippy 

Artist:-  George Jarah

69 Song Title:- Ashi Kele

70 Song Title:- Haka Dunia Remix ft. Sherifa 

71 Song Title:- Asor ft. Okyeame Kwame & Flow King Stone 

72 Song Title:- Yaw Burgar ft. Bandana (Shatta Wale)

Artist:- Becca

73 Song Title:- Forever Remix ft. Appietus

Artist:- Nana Acheampong

74 Song Title:- Casanova

75 Song Title:- Nana Acheampong Akono ft Screw Face & Sherifa Gunu

Artist:- Kwaadei

76 Song Title:- Ka Wonan Toso 

Artist:-  Kwabena Kwabena

77 Song Title:- Asor ft. Konti Hene

78 Song Title:- Pretty Lady ft.Tinny

79 Song Title:- My Baby

80 Song Tite:- Fakye 

81 SongTitle:- Kyere Wo Do ft. Joojo

82 Song Title:- Ohemaa (Appietus Compilation)

83 Song Title:- Trodom

84 Song Title:- Akua Konadu (Meni Obiaa) ft.Bradez & Jane

Artist:- Bradez 

85 Song Title:- Dondoo ft. Kwabena Kwabena

86 Song Title:- One Gallon (419) ft. Okyeame Kwame

87 Song Title:- Awaawaa Tuuu

Artist:-  Okyeame Kwame 

88 Song Title:- Small Small ft. Mz Vee

89 Song Title:- Faithful ft. Bertha 

90 Song Title:- Mr. Versatility Remix ft. Tj & Appietus

Artist:- Barima Sidney 

91   Song Title:- Abuskeleke ft. Mr. Green & Tina

92   Song Title:- Scent No

93   Song Title:- Tinana

94   Song Title:- Paanoo Shew

95   Song Title:- You Go Say

96   Song Title:- Color TV ft. Nana Oheneba & Kawunda

97   Song Title:- Yenku Wo Naya Sei Wo

98   Song Title:- Obaa Korkor

99   Song Title:- Kanie Wo Pe

100   Song Title:- My Sweetie 

101 Song Title:- Monhye Nkom

Artist:-  @Kk Fosu

102 Song Title:- Number One ft. D Flex

103 Song Title:- 6′ OClock

104 Song Title:- Adekye Nsroma

105 Song Title:- Obaa Pa

106 Song Title:- Anadwo Yede Remix

Artist:- Mframa

107   Song Title:- Ghana Lady

108 Song Title:- Fiili Gadoochi

109 Song Title:- Disco

Artist:- Czar

110 Song Title:- Araba Lawson ft.Ofori Amposah & Richie Rich 

111 Song Title:- Befi Mano ft. Richie Rich

112 Song Title:- Sumsum Sofo

Artist:- Oman Hene Pozoh

113 Song Title:- Wasei

114 Song Title:- Kyenkyen Bi Remix ft. Alhaji K Frimpong 

115 Song Title:- Kakyere Wo Maame 

116 Song Title:- Asafo Beson Remix ft. C.K Man 

117 Song Title:- Mea Me Yere ft. Nana Yaw 

118 Song Title:- Nyemenkoa Namepeh ft. Mr. Green & Dadisen

119 Song Title:- Medofo Adaadaame Remix ft. Awura Ama Bedu

Artist:- Keteke

120 Song Title:- Alele

121 Song Title:- Chio Chio

Artist:- @Obour

122 Song Title:- Anyen Remix ft. A.B Crentsil 

Artist:-  Iam Nana Quame 

123 Song Title:- Power ft. Bollie 

Artist:- Ewura Esi 

124 Song Title:- Gyegye Meso ft. OD4

Artist:- Rex Omar  

125 Song Title:- Didaada Didida

126 Song Title:- Paapa Remix (2018)

Artist:- Reggy Zippy 

127 Song Title:- Adomah ft. K.K Fosu 

128 Song Title:- Hit and Run ft. Kesse

Artist:- Old Soja Asa Khalifa 

129 Song Title:- Nade Dede ft. Castro, Reggy Zippy & Okyeame Kwame 

130 Song Title:- Cash & Carry ft. Castro & Kwabena Kwabena

131 Song Title:- She Dey Bee ft. Guru & Voltage

Artist:- Cee (Gospel)

132 Song Title:- Osro Ne Me Fie (Medley) ft. Great Ampong & Isaac 

133 Song Title:- Bue (Kokooko) ft. Great Ampong & Isaac 

Artist:- Lucky Mensah  

134 Song Title:- Nnongbor

135 Song Title:- Meni Obiaa

Artist:- VIP

136 Song Title:- Odo Electric ft. Kofi Nti 

137 Song Title:- Party (Appietus Compilation)

Artist:- Tinny (Aletse)

138 Song Title:- Most Wanted “Ataole” (Appietus Compilation)

139 Song Title:- Akwei Polo

Artist:- SAMINI 

140 Song Title:- Too Serious (Appietus Compilation)

141 Song Title:- All For You ft. 5Five

Artist:- Ebo

142 Song Title:- Once Twice (Appietus Compilation)

Artist:- Kofi Kinaata 

143 Song Title:- This Year ft. Samini 

Artist:- Andy 

144 Song Title:- Sweetie ft. Samini 

145 Song Title:- Pretty Girl ft. Okyeame Kwame 

Artist:- Borax 

146 Song Title:- Tene Wonsa

Artist:- Nana Yaw 

147 Song Title:- Ewuraba 

Artist:- Stonzzi ( Cash Unit )

148 Song Title:- Ayooo ft. Castro & Screw Face 

149 Song Title:- Manta Dey Koowa ft. Gasmilla

150 Song Title:- Yaa Amponsah ft. Kwabena Kwabena & Benji 

151 Song Title:- Omogea ft. Diojo & Kesse 

Artist:- Appietus 

152 Song Title:- Kuntunimu ft. Castro

Artist:- Asaase Aban 

153 Song Title:- Wope Saa ft. Appietus 

154 Song Title:- Boys Go Pay

155 Song Title:- Red Lite ft. Gasmilla 

Artist:- D2

156 Song Title:- Ewo

157 Song Title:- Mama Ne Dada 

158 Song Title:- Friday Azonto

Artist:- Ny (NSL)

159 Song Title:- Love Like Music ft. Appietus (NY)

160 Song Title:- I Like That ft. Appietus (NSL)

Artist:- Don iTchie

161 Song Title:- Dundu

162 Song Title:- Neighbor

163 Song Title:- Warrior

164 Song Title:- Masobekete

Artist:- Nana Little

165 Song Title:- Naa Kwaaley ft. Lazy Daizy

Artist:- Rana

166 Song Title:- Baby Baby

167 Song Title:- Me Love Letter

168 Song Title:- Attention

Artist:- A plus

169 Song Title:- Agye Gon

170 Song Title:- Africa ft. Praye

171 Song Title:- Letter to Parliament

172 Song Title:- Aben Bebom

173 Song Title:- Mirror Mirror ft. Kwabena Kwabena

Artist:- T.J

174 Song Title:- I Love You ft. Appietus 

175 Song Title:- Ebi So Love Dey Go ft. Castro

176 Song Title:- Dem Try

Artist:- MzbeL 

177 Song Title:- Show Me ft. Appietus (Appietus Compilation)

Artist:- Asenke 

178 Song Title:- Shayoo (Aajei) ft. Castro

Artist:- Nhyiraba Kojo Sika 

179 Song Title:-  The Way You Dey Do Am ft. Old Soja & Reggy Zippy 

Artist:- Kumi Guitar 

180 Song Title:- Break Into Two Remix ft.Guru

181 Song Title:-  Obra

Artist:- Kofi B

182 Song Title:- Hwan Neh Wowuor (Follow Me)

183 Song Title:- Come Back

184 Song Title:- Meko Odo Fie

185 Song Title:- Belinda ft. Voltage

186 Song Title:- Onyame Akye Me Adie 

187 Song Title:- Sika Dwa

188 Song Title:- Akoma ft. Tinny

189 Song Title:- Broni ft. TJ (Appietus Compilation)

Artist:- Quabena Maphia

190 Song Title:- I Go Pay

Artist:- SK Originale 

191 Song Title:- Ca’ Va

Artist:- KOJO ANTWI 

192 Song Title:- Me Mmo

193 Song Title:- Anansewaa

Artist:- OB

194 Song Title:- Mepe Wo Saa ft. Choir Master & Don Itchy

Artist:- Trigga Berma 

195 Song Title:- Ma Wani Mbere ft. K.K Fosu & Osahene Borga 

Artist:- Nana Antwi 

196 Song Title:- Freno Mame Remix ft Samini 

Artist:- Nyankonton 

197 Song Title:- Odɔ Woɔ ft. Kwabena Kwabena 

Artist:- Edem

198 Song Title:- Appiah ft. Sherifa Gunu (Appietus Compilation)

Artist:- Kwaw Kese 

199 Song Title:- I Feel Good ft. Appietus (Appietus Compilation)

Artist:- STAY JAY 

200 Song Title:- Seiho Mame (Appietus Compilation)

Artist:- 2ga

201 Song Title:- Emere ft. Sarkodie (Appietus Compilation)

202 Song Title:- Obaanie ft. Samini 

Artist:- Gorge Darko 

203 Song Title:- Lucky Star Remix

Artist:- Stunnarz 

204 Song Title:- Tumtum ft. Kwabena & Okyeame Kwame 



Nana Tonardo is still my friend; disregard the rumours – Mzbel




Nana Tonardo is still my friend; disregard the rumours - Mzbel

Mzbel has denied rumours that her friendship with socialite Nana Tornado has soured.

It has been reported that the friendship between Mzbel and Nana Tornado has soured. Although the exact cause was unknown, Nana Tornado was said to have fired shots at one of his posts to Mzbel.

Mzbel, on the other hand, debunked the perception and rumours that her friendship with Nana Tornado has soured in a Facebook live.

These rumours began to circulate after Mzbel stated in an interview two months ago that she did not have genuine friends.

Mzbel 1 jpg
Nana Tonardo is still my friend; disregard the rumours – Mzbel

“Every love I have ever experienced in my life with people, I have paid for it. Physical cash. No one has become friends, taken me as a mother or sister with me, and hasn’t taken money from me for being my friend,” these were Mzbel’s in a viral interview back in January 2023.

Reacting to the rumours based on his Interview,

“The interview I granted and stated that I pay for friends to be part of my life was never about Tonardo. I beg you, it has nothing to do with Tonardo. To all those who picked my statement and specified Tonardo as my target, it was never true. Do not take me out of context and treat it as facts.“

I am so proud of Nana Tonardo for not reacting or coming out to attack me…when two people come together as friends, enemies sit to plan their breakup. They pray for your downfall…I will urge friends not to flaunt their beautiful relationship on social media because of negative eyes…these people are quick to create confusion among friends…Tonardo remains my friend,” she disclosed on Tuesday.


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Ernest Opoku boasts about being given a BJ on a VIP bus




Ernest Opoku boasts about being given a BJ on a VIP bus

Ernest Opoku, a gospel musician, has come out to brag about receiving a BJ on a VIP bus while travelling to Accra a few years ago.

Ernes Opoku has been in the news a few times for being controversial, and his recent approach has won him fans and admirers.

The gospel singer recently revealed that his house used to be the headquarters of drug lords, but he never used any of the drugs. He admitted to having a connection with some drug dealers, who would sometimes hide their drugs in his house and return for them later, but he was never influenced to use drugs.

Ernest Opoku jpg
Ernest Opoku boasts about being given a BJ on a VIP bus

He revealed in a recent interview with Tony Best on Akoma FM’s Entertainment 360 that he once received a BJ from an unknown lady on a VIP bus on his way to Accra.

“From Kumasi to Accra, I sat in a VIP bus at night, and a woman I didn’t recognise from anywhere sat down next to me,” he explained. After a while, she began to nod off and lean on me, so I politely asked her to switch positions. As a result, she leaned against the glass.

“I put in my earphone and listened to Elder Mireku’s music for a while before drifting off to sleep. I awoke from my slumber when I felt a shift in the air, and when I looked up, I saw that the woman in question had my p£nis in her mouth, to which I yelled, “Jesus!”.

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Don’t waste your time voting for him – Bulldog attacks Mark Okraku-Mantey’s parliamentary bid




Don't waste your time voting for him - Bulldog attacks Mark Okraku-Mantey's parliamentary bid

Bulldog, the artist manager, has criticised Mark Okraku Mantey’s bid to become a member of parliament in 2024, claiming that he discourages constituents from voting for him.

Mark Okuraku-Mantey, the Deputy Minister for Tourism and Creative Arts, has announced his intention to run for the Ayensuano parliamentary seat in the Eastern Region on the New Patriotic Party ticket (NPP).

Bulldog, on the other hand, believes that Mark Okuraku Mantey does not deserve to be a member of parliament, claiming that he has not done enough to earn the support of his constituents.

“Some of his constituencies should not waste their time voting for him because he will not bring any change. Let me state it here clearly, and I know he will see it. Sitting here, I respect Mark as a person 100%, but when it comes to governance, I won’t even give him zero points minus, he won’t even get it,” he said.

Bulldog has advised Mark Okraku not to run for office, claiming that he lacks the necessary skills and experience to be an effective leader.

“Just being there, and looking at the contribution he made, I don’t even need to sit here and talk about Mark’s achievements, too many things he didn’t do. He has been in government, what has he done?

“When you criticize him, he will frown and respond by asking why you said anything about him. What is he going to do there? He has tasted governance for four years. What did he do?” he added.

“Someone like him, what is he going to tell his constituency? Also, he is lucky that it’s his constituency that he is going to because someone like him can never be president,” he shared.


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